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Anneke Seley; 510.749.9073;
Sally Duby; 510.749.9073;

Using the Phone and Internet to leverage your sales organization
Clients: 123SignUp, Adaptec, Adobe, Ascend, BEA Systems, Brio, Cisco, Clarify, EDSI, Fireman's Fund, Fortť, GE Capital Leasing,, Helisys, IBM, Kaiser Permanente, Kana Communications, LookSmart, Lucent, Netscape, Oracle, OnDemand, PeopleSoft, RealNetworks,, Sun Microsystems, Sybase, Verisign, ViewCentral, Wells Fargo

Sales Process Consulting

Growth Process
Chuck Devita; 408.252.5518;
Planning, Positioning and Packaging assistance to secure funding and drive initial sales results. Also provide interim executive services
Clients: Appreciated Software, Blue Iguana, Brio Technology, Centura Software, DreamApps, EPRI, InterDesign, MerlinSoft, MobilePoint, NCR, Nuvation Labs, Phoenix Technologies, Salient, Software911, SpecSoft, Unison, ViewCentral,, webPKG

Sales Strategists

Competitive Advantage Group
Ken Nangle; 415.664.8134;

Developed a seven-step sales process that is simple, powerful, and most of all, proven. The primary focus here is to provide you a set of tools for major account, executive level sales. Extensive experience identifying, qualifying and developing major accounts, implementing an effective sales process, and producing executive event programs will significantly increase your sales.
Clients: American Express,Balazs, Analytical Laboratory, Bata Industries,Cala Communications, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, The Cambridge Group, Genentech,Context Integration, Hewlett-Packard,HSQ Technology, Kraft General Foods,The Power Store, RJR Nabisco, Open Skies, Royal Bank of Canada,Spalding Sporting Goods, Xerox Corporation, TechnoLinc

Fort Grace Strategies
Melissa A. Fox; 314-727-8879;
Sales consulting firm that empowers companies with the confidence and expertise to generate sales revenue consistently, effectively and efficiently.
Clients: Viacomm

Sales Force Compensation

Advanced HR
Dee Dipierto; 408.872.3000;
Build effective Stock and Pay Strategies with Real Time Intelligence. Comp Plans and Software to implement plans.
Clients: Allegro Networks, Inc., Attensity Corporation, Centerbeam Inc., Jetstream Communications, Inc.,, Mahi Networks, Inc., Napster, Slam Dunk Networks, Taviz Technology, Inc., Tellme Networks, Inc.

Channel Development

Blue Sky Consulting
Sandy Thorpe; 408.739.4339 or 408.447.7597;
We give your marketing project first the birdís eye view with a visionary marketing plan, and then can fully implement it, or pick it up anywhere along the way.
Clients: HP, Informix, BEA Systems, InfoGain (formerly InfoSoft), QT Optoelectronics, Annunciosoft, Intrinsa Corporation, Eagle River Interactive, BFC Communications, IntelliMatch, Gateway Learning, UMI/Bell & Howell, Siliware Partners by Design, Feber & Associates

Interim VP of Sales

M2 Inc.
Joy Boatwright; 415.391.1038;
Assist companies in reaching their business objectives through the use of professional-level independent consultants for a broad variety of business projects and interim engagements.
Clients: Apple Computer, Applied Materials, Inc., Autodesk, Bank of America, CBS MarketWatch, Charles Schwab, Cisco Systems, E*Trade, FleetBoston Financial, Gap Inc., GartnerConsulting, Hewlett-Packard Company, Intuit, Kaiser Permanente, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Scient, SGI, The Tech Museum of Innovation, UCSF,Wells Fargo Bank, Williams Sonoma,Visa International, YMCA




Lead Generation

Pinpoint Marketing Judy Rhodes; 408.345.2865;
Outbound, B2B teleservices firm whose niche is the sophisticated, technologically complex, high end of the telemarketing spectrum. Specialties are highly qualified sales appointments and sales leads.
Clients: 3Com, WebEx, BroadVision, Micron, VA Linux Systems, Centerbeam, Network Associates, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Lucent, Ariba, Nortel, Motorola, Xerox, Sybase, Macromedia, Microscan, Autodesk, Bosch, Federal Express, Symantec, SoftBank, Miller Freeman

IT Chris Rogers; 480.922.8302 ext. 21;
ITtoolbox is a knowledge network and support environment for the IT Doers and Decision-Makers in the industry. Portals for Baan, Business Intelligence, C++, CRM, Database, Datawarehousing, E-Business, EAI, ERP, JAVA, KM, Linux, Networking, Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP, Security, Siebel, Storage, SCM, UNIX, Visual Basic, Web Design, Wireless, OpenITx. Advertising Opportunities Include Featured Content Section, Premiere Homepage Text Links, Newsletter Sponsorship, OpenITx Message Sponsorship, Text Advertisements , Banner Advertising

BitPipe Sales Department; 617.350.7771 x1;
The leading syndicator of in-depth information technology (IT) content. Bitpipe distributes content from over 3,200 leading IT vendors and over 50 top analyst firms including Gartner, IDC, Meta Group, and Yankee Group via the Bitpipe Network. The Bitpipe Network reaches over 21.7 million unique visitors through agreements with Yahoo!, CNET, ZDNet, InformationWeek, COMDEX, ITworld, Computerworld, TechRepublic and over 30 other leading IT and business-related websites. Post your white paper here. Lisa DiBiasi; 914.253.0850, ext 252;
ebizQ is the definitive e-business integration portal, assisting its growing community of IT and business managers in making informed and profitable purchasing decisions. ebizQ is singularly focused on e-business integration, thus providing the most in-depth and timely information available on vendors, products and market direction. ebizQ provides vendors with the leading venue and innovative marketing opportunities for reaching a highly qualified audience. ebizQ has over 35,000 "Gold Club" members. The highly sophisticated lead generation service gives advertisers the chance to submit white papers, research reports, newsletters and other items directly to the sites. As part of a customized program, contact information is captured and can immediately be made available. Newsletter sponsorships. Sales Department; 650-513-4241;
Intelligent Enterprise communities focus on business software strategies that provide competitive advantage by improving business decision-making, enhancing business performance, and maximizing the lifetime value of customer relationships. Their collective mission is to be strategic guidebooks that show IT and business managers how to collect, analyze, understand, and act decisively on enterprise business information in order to make their companies smarter, faster, and more profitable. Sales Department; 814.897.7700; is a FREE library designed to help buyers of information technology (IT) products. The library answers hardware, software, and application questions about various technologies, including: E-Business, Imaging & Content Management, Storage, Enterprise and Supply Chain Management, Warehouse Management Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning, Automatic Identification and Data Collection, Bar Coding and Point of Sale. Many different sponsorships available.

Reveal Net George Polzer; 800.928.8349
A "web-centric" telemarketing and sales support organization. Collaboratively develop sales opportunities which are instantly distributed to in-house and field sales staff for 'live', on-line quality and sales course correction feedback. Working exclusively with Internet software companies to optimally position, promote and present their clients' products and services.
Clients: eGain Communications, USInternetworking Inc., DigitalThink, Microsoft,, Netcentives, Red Sky, Zapwerk

Kern Direct
John Stone; 408.345.2865;

Marketing strategy of permission-based e-marketing turning suspects into prospects and prospects into customers. Enables you to quickly and easily implement permission based e-marketing campaigns. Offers personalized web sites to increase the response rate of your lead generation campaigns, and then link web inquiries with rules-based interactive e-mails campaigns driven from database profiles.
Clients: Brio, PeopleSoft, NASA, Epicor, SGI, Iomega, Selectica


ROI Analysis

The Deciding Factor Jack Keen; 408.345.2865;
Provides information, tools, methods, training and consulting to assist customers in developing effective business cases in record time.

Lead Qualification/TeleMarketing

Sales Ramp LLC
Stuart Silverman; 650-694-1445;

Services include building Departments that manage Lead Generation, Lead Qualification, Lead Management, Telesales, and Telebusiness. In building these Departments, we also implement critical Sales Processes and Sales Infrastructures. We also provide Market/Product Validation Studies, Positioning Studies, Win/Loss Analyses, and Sales Training
Clients: Actuate Software, Cisco Systems, Clarify, Fujitsu, iPass, Jetstream Communications, Oracle, Portal Software, Quantum, System Industries, Sun Microsystems, ViewLogic Systems

Directed Opt-In Email Blasts Resources/Networking Group

Ken Davis; 408.206.0309;
This community currently serves over 4000 marketing professionals in advertising, brand management, business development, business unit management, channel management, competitive analysis, consulting, corporate development, corporate marketing, e-marketing, free agents, marketing communications, marketing managers, market research, product management, product marketing engineers, product planners, promotion specialists, public & press relations, strategic planning, trade shows, and related marketing professionals as well as their providers.
We provide direct marketing to your consumers in the form of targeted emails that highlight key points of your promotion, include links to your company's site, and inform consumers of other special offers or benefits available to them.
Clients: Kraft Foods, AT&T, Warner Brothers, General Mills, Hyundai, NBC and AOL.

VentureDirect's Xactmail Opt-in E-mail Network
Offers a wide variety of direct response media, consistently meeting clients' demands for profitable lead generation, subscription, registration, membership and customer acquistion. By targeting hard-to-find business and consumer audiences, and generating exceptional response rates, we deliver true return on advertising investment

Direct Mailing Guru

Connect Direct
Howard Sewell; 650-306-9060;

A full-service agency specializing in direct marketing for high technology companies. Whether you need Web traffic, sales leads, channel partners, seminar attendees, or registered users, we'll help you design the optimal mix of print and online campaigns to ensure the maximum results from every marketing dollar
Get a free direct marketing tip every month via e-mail! Sign up now at
Clients: Advent Software, Allegiance Telecom, BeatWare, Click2Learn, Embarcadero Technologies, IDG Executive Forums, Qiva, ReplayTV, Resonate, SmartForce, TrueSpectra, Versata, ViewCentral, Vicinity, Zaplet

Product Positioning and Market Assessment

Active Ingredient
Tracy Weatherby; 650-917-0360.;

Offers a full spectrum of strategy services from Market Opportunity Audits to Business Modeling and Marketing Planning. Clients: Netopia, Navtive Minds, 3Com, Oracle, Compaq, Placeware, WebTV

Palo Alto Consulting
Stephen Taylor; 650-326-1784;

Offers a broad range of services in the areas of marketing, strategy, business development, R&D management, CEO mentoring, and sales
Clients: Ampex, Apple Computer, Auspex Systems, Bay Networks, Be, Cisco, Digicash, Emulex, Fujitsu Software, Great Plains Software, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Informix, Intel, Intuit, Marimba, Metricom, Microsoft, Nokia, OpenText, Palm, Quantum, SDL, Sorrento Networks, SRI International, Sun Microsystems, Symantec, 3D Systems, Ventura Software, Verity, Weitek, and Xerox.

Seven Answers
Dennis Moore; 650.799.5330;

If your business is enterprise software and solutions, Seven Answers will give your marketing efforts the boost you need to succeed -- from product marketing and product management to corporate communications and sales support. We have the experience, creativity, and drive to put you into high gear.

Focus Groups

Greenfield Online
San Francisco Office 415.547.7979

FocusChatTM is Greenfield Online's proprietary qualitative research tool that gives you the power to conduct focus groups online and learn what consumers think of your products or services, explore consumer attitudes, test new concepts or products, and hear what consumers think about you versus your competitors.
Clients: BMW, Hasbro, UDV North America, Xerox, Microsoft, MasterCard International, Andersen Consulting/Accenture, Sara Lee, AOL Time Warner, Pfizer Inc., Verizon Wireless, Ralston Purina, Ernst & Young, Young & Rubicam, Hewlett-Packard, E. & J. Gallo Winery, Siebel Systems, Apple Computer, Merrill Lynch


Accelent Marketing
Barbara Angius Saxby;
Accelent Overview

IBM Corporation
Whit Crump - IBM Developer Relations; 206-285-9959;

IBM Corporation
Rob Unterberger - IBM Developer Relations; 512-823-7016;

Alec Marshall; 757-422-5965;

New Business Strategies
Christine Crandell; 408.378.2022;
Extensive expertise in strategic knowledge and vision implementation, a firm created to help software technology companies become the "Gorilla" company in their market. Our people excel at crafting tailor made market and business strategy that is objective, straightforward, flexible and right on target by synthesizing your vision and competencies with emerging market opportunities.
Clients: Meridium, Xtime, Abovenet, Blue Pumpkin, Callixa, Scient, Clarify/Nortel Networks, Concur, Datops, Interwise, Expandable Software, Rapt, Maconomy, Oracle Applications, Evolve Software, Enosys Markets

Palo Alto Consulting
Stephen Taylor; 650-326-1784;

Offers a broad range of services in the areas of marketing, strategy, business development, R&D management, CEO mentoring, and sales
Clients: Ampex, Apple Computer, Auspex Systems, Bay Networks, Be, Cisco, Digicash, Emulex, Fujitsu Software, Great Plains Software, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Informix, Intel, Intuit, Marimba, Metricom, Microsoft, Nokia, OpenText, Palm, Quantum, SDL, Sorrento Networks, SRI International, Sun Microsystems, Symantec, 3D Systems, Ventura Software, Verity, Weitek, and Xerox.

Mironov Consulting
Rich Mironov; 650.343.4309;

Pre-revenue technology companies needing clear, complete service/product strategies and customer validation. They want to make sure that early product versions are on target, ready to sell, and get customer traction.Relationships can be structured as an interim executive (Acting VP of Marketing/Product Strategy) or on a project basis.
Clients: Firewhite, Inc., Gibraltar Software, Ruby Networks

Tim Chai; (408) 293-5300 x117;
DaveFitcher; 408) 293-5300 x119;

Full-service branding and marketing agency that provides strategic marketing, naming, corporate identity, design, new media, advertising, and public relations to clients from infancy to IPO and beyond. Cintara's clients represent high technology industries including computers, software, Internet and's, semiconductors, networking, and communications.
Clients: Entango, iMedica, Intellichoice, KFOX, Logitech, Madlen's, Mak, NorthPole, The Bay, Adobe Systems, Atypon, BrightRoad, Callixa, Centric Software, Circuit Semantics, Counterpane, Enhance,, HP Education, HP Sales Builder, HP Smart Contact, Infinite Functions, Microlux, Xcert

Affiliate Programs

BFAST partner marketing service allows you to build, manage and track all of your online relationships, from affiliate marketing partners to strategic partnerships. We track your partners' performances so you can pay them based on results. It's flexible, cost-effective, comprehensive and offers unprecedented accountability.

Andy Calimano; 646.654.6000 x299;

If you are interested in earning revenue from the traffic that comes to your site, and enhancing your site, you can join one or more affiliate programs. An affiliate program is a partnership with an online merchant (that is, a Web site that sells goods or services)

Marketing Consulting in General/Interim VP Marketing

Acuitive, Inc.
Barbara Angius; 408.221.6036;

Start-up accelerator, providing knowledge and guidance to the best young communication and e-business companies. These start-ups often face extreme shortages in key management and technical positions. Outbound marketing programs, including corporate identity, brand awareness, public relations, advertising, website management, trade show strategy, demand creation and collateral development.
Clients: Promatory Communications/Nortel Networks, BrightInfo/Annuncio, Kirus, Brocade, Symmetry Communications Systems, Amber Networks, PixStream

Competitive Advantage Group
Ken Nangle; 415.664.8134;

Delivers a powerful way to attract, engage, and develop long-term, win-win relationships with executive decision-makers: our Executive Marketing Program. This program consists of three synergistic elements: an Executive Research Project, an Executive Event Program and an Executive Sales Process. Each can stand alone or be integrated into your whole sales and marketing process. The goal is always to elevate your level of contact and to produce rapid sales results.
Clients: American Express,Balazs, Analytical Laboratory, Bata Industries,Cala Communications, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, The Cambridge Group, Genentech,Context Integration, Hewlett-Packard,HSQ Technology, Kraft General Foods,The Power Store, RJR Nabisco, Open Skies, Royal Bank of Canada,Spalding Sporting Goods, Xerox Corporation, TechnoLinc

Mironov Consulting
Rich Mironov; 650.343.4309;

Pre-revenue technology companies needing clear, complete service/product strategies and customer validation. They want to make sure that early product versions are on target, ready to sell, and get customer traction.Relationships can be structured as an interim executive (Acting VP of Marketing/Product Strategy) or on a project basis.
Clients: Firewhite, Inc., Gibraltar Software, Ruby Networks

Corporate ID, Logo and Branding

Alec Marshall; 757-422-5965;

Black Dog
Mark Fox; 415.258.9663;

A master at the specialized task of designing logos and symbols
Clients: Adobe, Aldus, Apple, AutoDesk, Burhnam Securities, CNET, EGreetings,, Macworld Magazine, Nike, Powar Bar, Oracle,Toolwire, SF MOMA, US News & World Report

Mimi Atkinson Hanson
Mimi Atkinson Hanson; 415.336.7907;

Web Hosting, Design, Maintenance, Content Development, Banner Design, Animation, Power Point Presentation Design, Logo Design, Digital Photography, Image Optimization, Template Design, Word Editing and more! Clients: Electra Comp, Datum Enterprises, NetSource Distributors, QuestPac, GeneriCo, Pacific Communications Group

Full Circle
Jill Barancik; 415.776.4490;

Unites the disciplines of marketing, communications and investor relations to build high-impact corporate and product brands and improve valuation for business-to-business technology companies Clients: Advent Software, Again Technologies, Ask Jeeves, Catapult Communications, Commerce One, E.phipany, Hewlett Packard, KPMG, SAS, Sun MicroSystems, Tightlink, Walker, Workscape

Cronan Group
Michael Cronan; 510.923.3755; Specialized Team of Name and Graphics Experts.
Clients: Kintana, TIVO, Verio, Satisfusion, Truis, Ten Square, New Scale Software, Covalent, Viador, Tea Leaf Technology

Tim Chai; (408) 293-5300 x117;
DaveFitcher; 408) 293-5300 x119;

Full-service branding and marketing agency that provides strategic marketing, naming, corporate identity, design, new media, advertising, and public relations to clients from infancy to IPO and beyond. Cintaraís clients represent high technology industries including computers, software, Internet and dot.comís, semiconductors, networking, and communications.
Clients: Entango, iMedica, Intellichoice, KFOX, Logitech, Madlen's, Mak, NorthPole, The Bay, Adobe Systems, Atypon, BrightRoad, Callixa, Centric Software, Circuit Semantics, Counterpane, Enhance,, HP Education, HP Sales Builder, HP Smart Contact, Infinite Functions, Microlux, Xcert

Zenmark Brand Engineering, Inc.
Greg Balla; 415.434.4800, x104;
Focus is the Creation of Category-Dominating Marks. We Name Your Product, Service, or Company in 2 Weeks or Less. We also design Premium Taglines and Nomenclature Systems.
Clients: Bookface, Inc., Borland Software Corporation, CyberSafe Corporation, Communications Technology Cluster, eVoice, Inc., FMT Systems, Inc., IBM Corporation, Interosa, Inc., Itochu International, Inc., Microsoft Corporation, MobShop, Inc., Pfizer, Inc., Praxis Engineers, Inc., Sterling Commerce, Inc., SyberSay Communications, Inc.,Vitalz, Inc., Xcellenet, Inc.

McKenna's Marketing
Susan A. McKenna; 415.648.0759;
Brand consulting firm providing strategic planning, identity design and business process consultation. The company currently has 2 core consulting practices focused on eLearning, wireless and non-profit.
Clients:, Focus Engine, Inc., Upside Media., Virtual Assistance Network (VAN), DigitalThink, Communications Technology Cluster


Kimi Designs
Kimi Nonura; 650.328.3333;

Website Usability

Classic System Solutions
Jim Hobart ; (925) 516-2484;

Usability Tests, Rapid Reviews,Usability Walkthroughs, Field Studies, Usability Audits, Usability Mentoring, User Interface Design Consulting, Architectural Design, OOAD Best Practices, Customized Interface Design Standards, Contract Design Work Clients: CCH-LIS (formerly Accusearch), IBM, EMC, Lucent Technologies, GTE Data Svcs., Micron, Hewlett Packard, NCR, AG Communication Systems Optimum Technology, Aspen Technologies, Partech, Peoplesoft, Inc., Planet U, Calypso Systems, Clairvoyant Software, Connex, Inc., Sybase, EDS

Product & Pricing

Growth Process
Chuck Devita: 408.252.5518;

Improve predictability, growth and profits by integrating goals, behavior drivers and continuous improvement methods in sales and marketing management functions. For start-ups, we assist founders with planning, positioning and packaging to secure funding and drive initial sales results.
Clients: Amdahl,Appreciated Software, Blue Iguana, Brio Technology, Centura Software, Decidia, Documentum, DreamApps, EPRI, ErgoDevices, InterDesign, MerlinSoft, MobilePoint, NCR, NetResults, Nuvation Labs, Phoenix Technologies, Quiq, Salient Point, SeeRun, Software911, Unison, ViewCentral,, webPKG

Seminar, Roadshow Webinar Management/Outsourced Training Infrastructure

Rick Ludlow; 650.934.8338;

Enterprise-class, Web-hosted, Training Automation and Learning Management Solutions provider. Whether you provide training in a revenue-generating environment or are looking to implement internal learning management, we have the solutions you need. Provide a blended learning environment that supports instructor-led training, e-Learning, and live learning via the Web.
Clients: 3COM, Kintana, 3Ware, LoudCloud, AboveNet, MetLife Auto and Home, AlphaBlox, Network Associates, Brio, Otronics, ASP Registry, ON Semiconductor, Base Consulting, Panurgy, Broadbase Software, PG&E, Clarify, Seagate, EPRI, Segesta, iBEAM, Spectrum Computer, IBM, Ventaso, Informatica Vision Associates, Integral Results, WebGain, Kana, Web Methods

Product Launch/Launch Events

Marketing Arts
Bob Wright; 415.383.7906;

Marketing Arts helps technology companies increase their revenues by launching products.Has successfully completed more than 80 launches including applications, tools, servers, programs and services in both the domestic and international markets. Marketing Arts' collaborative and customized approach provides companies with both the framework and focus to deliver a high impact product launch, as well as ongoing proactive marketing efforts. The process is proven, practical and has delivered both quick and dramatic results.
Clients: Oracle, PeopleSoft, Origin, Broadvision, Icarian, TopTier Software,, Extricity Software, Noosh, Zoho,, Arzoon

John Schwartz; 212.966.3146 ext. 2012;

Full Service Corporate Events
Clients: Sephora, Daimler Chrysler, GQ, House Beautiful, Mercedes Benz, Wells Fargo, Microsoft, Walt Disney World, Saloman Smith Barney, VH1, Sony Music,

Rick Herns Productions
Rick Herns; 650.366.7008;<
/font> Full Service Corporate Events. Spealizing in creating the "wow" factor

Video, Film Production and Animation

Fat Box
David Platshon; 650.363.8700 x102;

We give you a simple, elegant message that meets you objective and stays within your budget
Clients: Acclaim Technologies, Adaptec, Alteon Network Systems, Borland, Columbia Pictures, EConvergent, IXOS Software, Mindscape, nVidia Corporation, Hewlett-Packard Company, PeopleSoft, Inc., Plumtree Software, Sega Corporation/Epcot Center, Siemens Corporation, SiteSmith, Inc., SmartForce, Sony Computer Entertainment of America, Transmeta Corporation, Wells Fargo Bank


Stone Communications
Nicolette King; 415.288.6800;

Stone Communications works with clients to develop and deliver standout presentations, from early stage fundraising presentations all the way to IPOs and follow-on offerings. Most of our presentation development and coaching assignments are with CEOs, CFOs and Marketing VPs of high tech and healthcare companies.

Full Service Advertising

Robert Chandler & Partners
Robert Chandler or Greg Perlot; 310.275.5589;
Clients: NetZero, BizRate,, 2Roam,, Hitachi,, Apple, IBM, Microsoft

Dana Foran Marketing Consultants
Jack Brotherton; 415.716.3745;

Branding, Bonding and Sales & Profits are not mutually exclusive endeavors. That all marketing roads should lead to this one ultimate destination. From communications audits and plans to helping build your brand, we have the capabilities, resources and quality alliances to deliver the actionable results you're searching for. Importantly, because we take a very defined "exactly what's needed" approach, we also identify and eliminate those things not needed so you don't get stuck paying for them.
Clients: AirTouch, AT&T Wireless, California Department of Conservation, California State Lottery, Cellular One, Coherent, Fresh Choice Restaurants, Grass Valley Group Broadcast Electronics, retention marketing, Intel, Internet Services, Kleinfelder, McDonald's, MediaZing, Motorola, Omneon VideoNetworks, Sony, Wink Interactive Television

Internet Advertising

C.J. Cardinali; 415.249.2653;

Online media and direct marketing company that uses its brands, reach and innovation to provide over 1,700 companies with turnkey marketing solutions that build brand, acquire new customers and stimulate commerce over the Internet. Clients: Addias, Ask Jeeves, Bank of America, BMG, CBS, Compaq, Gateway, GM,Hewlett Packard, Intel, iVillage, Oracle, Sony, Verizon

Press Release Distribution

Internet Wire
Brandon R. Boyt; 800.774.9473 x 3801;
Internet Wire offers broad real-time distribution of company press releases and financial disclosures directly to leading newsrooms, Web sites and online databases. Putting your company news on Internet Wire means it will reach top media organizations, broadcast outlets, trade publications and online destinations, as well as individual journalists, industry analysts and consumer end users, around the globe. Offering real-time, full-text distribution of company news at flat-rate pricing.

Business Wire
San Francisco Office 415.986.4422;
Silicon Valley Office 408.970.4550;

Ensures that your message receives immediate consideration, whether delivered via our satellite network into newsroom computers, disclosure points and regulatory authorities, direct data feed into major portals, investor sites, news services and wireless systems or custom Web and e-mail delivery via PressPass to individual journalists. Enable you to distribute news releases and multimedia to media in virtually any market in the world. Industry-specific distribution provides in-depth reach to journalists and opinion leaders in key market segments, while our custom targeting services enable you to customize your distribution.




Trainer Public Relations
Susan Trainer; 925.964.9134;
A full-service public relations agency that specializes in promoting a select group of start-up investment companies in emerging high-technology markets. Our expertise is in helping venture capitalists jump-start their new companies. TPR's work methodology delivers our clients the fastest, highest-quality media exposure possible, making the most out of each dollar they invest in public relations.
Clients: 3ware, Agility, InterSAN, LiveMedia, NetPost, NightFire Software, Peakstone, WhereNet

The Horn Group
Sabrina Horn; 415.905.4000;

High technology public relations firm for emerging e-business software and services companies. Our services are designed to meet the market's needs for competitive positioning and strategy, comprehensive launch programs, and ongoing public relations and investor relations in the internet economy.
Clients: Commerce Chain, Commerce One, Inc., Datasweep, Inc.,, EXE Technologies, Vigilance, Inc., webplan, Inc., AltoWeb, Art Technology Group, Inc., Netegrity, Inc., OpenReach, Inc., Xign Corporation, Again Technologies, Annuncio Software, Employease, Inc. Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc. , ServiceWare, Inc., The Patricia Seybold Group, ClickTime

Launch Pad
Shelley Harrison; 415.776.0645;

Specialize in working with technology companies from VC-backed start-ups to well established organizations. We have helped highly successful companies in networking and communications, e-Commerce and Internet software & services, enterprise software, and more. Can handle all aspects of execution, and can even serve as your outsourced marketing department.
Clients: Amplitude,, Vermeer Technologies, Signio, TriVida, cc:Mail, Verity, Fabrik, Visioneer, Compressent

Seed stage only!

Shel Israel; 650.373.2960;

Delivers a winning combination of public relations strategy and tactics designed to enable small and midsize companies to capture mindshare in a competitive environment
Clients: Avistar, EFI, eProNet, RareVision, Sound Blaster, PowerPoint, Embarcadero Technologies, FileMaker, Virtual Vineyards, Homestead Technologies and Napster

Sheeran Communications
Lisa Sheeran; 510.741.1119;

Specializes in business press editorial strategy and liaison. Provided inhouse public relations services for IntelliCorp and Oracle Corporation and heldi account positions with a number of public relations firms. Provides business press consulting to public companies, start-ups and venture capital firms




Contractors, Architecture, Complete Outsourcing, etc.

John Sherman; 415 398 0866 x206;

Clients: Bell Atlantic, Carnival Cruise Lines, Chase Manhattan Bank, Cigna, Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette, Fleet Bank, John Hancock, Laidlaw Global Corp., Marriott, MetLife, Nasdaq-Amex, Novartis, Ortho-McNeil, PanAmSat, Roberston Stephens, and Wells Fargo,,

Phoenix Pop Turnkey Hardware, Colocation
Bruce Falck; 415.934.7703;
Clients:, Spinner,, PlanetRX, Infobeat

Dave Pullin; 919.543.9662;

Aspire Systems
Bhoovarahan T N; 510.785.3571;

Network Setup and Administration/Internet Access

877-TECH-PLANET (877.832.7526) fixed price!

Sabrina Choi; 415.808.0668;

Web(site) Developers

Mimi Hanson
Mimi Hanson; 415.336.7907;

Alec Marshall; 757-422-5965;

Kathleen Toland; 650.962.7299;
Clients: Casiosoft, Cost Plus World Market, Clickaction,, Inscribe, Pride themselves on Your Site in 6 Weeks!





Devine and Virnig
Ken Virnig; 408.354.3400;

Ray & Berndtson

Connet & Company
Mel D. Connet; 650.331.3880;

Heidrick & Struggles
Andrew Holtvedt; 650.234.159;
ASP CEO Search Specialist


The Tiburon Firm
Christopher Lynch; 415.203.9999;

Connet & Company
Mel D. Connet; 650-331-3880;


Connet & Company
Mel D. Connet; 650-331-3880;

Board of Directors

Heidrick & Struggles
Jeff Hodge; (415) 981-2854;
Wes Richards; (650) 234-1500;

Boardroom Consultants
Roger Kenny; (212) 355-5560;


The Tiburon Firm
Christopher Lynch; 415.203.9999;

Silicon Search
Alex Buccieri; 650.853.8371;

Devoto & Associates
Andrea Devoto; 650.593.8205;

Randy Prout; 408 562 2064;

iCom Consultants, Inc.
John Flett; 530.295.9317;


The Tiburon Firm
Christopher Lynch; 415.203.9999;

Halper & Associates Executive Search
Peter Halper; 760.325.4944;

Devoto & Associates
Andrea Devoto; 650.593.8205;


Randy Prout; 408 562 2064;

iCom Consultants, Inc.
John Flett; 530.295.9317;

Business Development

iCom Consultants, Inc.
John Flett; 530.295.9317;


SBS Partners
Karin Blomstrand; 415.922.8052;
Susan Shay; 775.588.1191;

Randy Prout; 408 562 2064;


Splaine & Associates, Inc.
Charles Splaine; 408.354.3664;

Job Posting Sites

Ken Davis; 408.206.0309;

Oracle Alum Net
Case by case only Christine's friend runs this site. Normally don't allow companies to post jobs here. Discuss with Christine.

MS Alum Network

Craig's List


Harvard Business School
Maria Fisichelli; Recruiting Manager; 617.495.5649

University of California, Berkeley
Haas School of Business

Northwestern University

Stanford University


San Jose State University

Job listing fee $18 for one school to $395 for all 1000+ participating campuses (includes all UC schools) $175 for 46 SF Bay Area Schools

Stock Options & Executive Compensation Consultant

IQuantic, Inc.
Mark Edward; 415.437.6200;

Employee Testing

Carter Comaford; 310 544 0054;




Turnaround Consultant

CLB Associates
John Cirigliano; 650.222.4006;
CLB has created hundreds of millions of dollars of added value for technology clients through the creation of Strategic Capital. Strategic Capital consists of corporate strategies, strategic relationships and other intangible assets that are employed to gain strategic advantage such as visibility, credibility, scalability, positioning or capacity to compete. CLB has an exceptional track record of creating Strategic Capital assets for its clients, including joint ventures, repositioning strategies, marketing alliances, strategic investments, cross-licensing agreements, acquisition strategies, co-development agreements, high profile board members and funding strategies.

HR Outsourcing (payroll, benefits, HR)

TriNet Employer Group
Jason O'Connor; 510.346.4597;

Rita DeStaso; 650.357.5906;

HR - Organizational Development

RHR International
Irene Castelot; 650.342.9905;
Management consultants using psychological assessment to develop the strengths of individuals, the effectiveness of teams, and the performance of organizations

Saratoga Institute
David Verzello; 408.556.1150;
Help positioning your firm on the leading edge of human capital management.

Strayer Consulting
Dell Larcen; 408.399.1500;
Partnering with companies to manage change and build indivdual and team performance.

Trium Group
Andrew Blum; 415.292.3370 x305;
Leadership Consulting

Lease Lines

Rod J. Wener & Benjamin Yu ; 408.556.5000;


Kranz & Associates
Charles Rodondi; 650.854.4318;

Accounting services to Startups in the form of outsourced CFO's, Controllers, and Accounts Payable/Payroll clerks.

Bay Area Business Services
Diana Petersen; 408.729.6224;

Temporary Office Space

Tech Space
Mark Mascotte; 415.865.2385;
Temporary space as a company grows from 3 - 35 staff. Cost averages $500-$700 per head per month a for full service, fully functional office environment. Co location opportunites as well. Locations in SF, NY, Toronto, Boston, Austin and Miami.

Bay Area Realtors

Julien J. Studley, Inc.
Eric L. Danielson; 312.595.2919;
John Ruskin; 415.617.9643;

San Francisco Realtors

TRI Commercial
Tom Martindale; 415.268.2285;

East Bay Realtors

TRI Commercial
Rich Larsen; 510.832.0999 x209;

Peninsula Realtors

BT Commercial
David Jonas; 408.436.3630;

Office Setup Services
Deborah Kanner; 415.934.6900;
Sandy Manella; 415.934.6900;

Customed Tailored Office Solutions - From T-1's to Furniture to Business Insurance.
Donna Jensen; 650.474.5400;
Cathy Potter; 650.474.5400;
Real Estate, Facilities, IT, Telcom, HR, Accounting, and Marcom

Office Layout Cheap Furniture

Liberty Liquidators

Printing Services

Genesis Printing & Graphics
Raul Artiga; 415.665.4344;
(Mention Artemis Ventures to get discount pricing)

Business Plan Writers

Alec Marshall; 757-422-5965;

DB Consulting
Diana Benedikt; 415.331.5164;

Lehrer Financial and Economic Advisory Services
Dr. Kenneth Lehrer; 713.972.7912;

Ron Alpert;

Alex Salkever;

Other Resources

Price Waterhouse Coopers

The Entrepreneur Resource Center

Silicon Valley Bank

Michael S. Popovich; 415.946.6300;
Equipment Lease Lines

Kauffman Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership's Entreworld

Entrepreneurial Edge Online

MIT Enterprise Forum Business Plan Resources

Small Business Administration

US Patent and Trademark Office





Bloomberg Online

SEC Filing

Listing of Major Venture Capital Firms

Financial Executives Institute
Great newsletter for CFO types

Tim Miller; 415-564-0500
Matches mid-market Internet sellers with handpicked intermediaries from our network of nearly 50 Internet-experienced investment banking boutiques or M&A intermediaries

VC Resource Directory & Other Service Providers




McCutchen, Doyle, Brown & Enersen, LLP
Matt Fisher; 415.393.2354;

Baker McKenzie
Susan Nycum; 650.856.2400;

Coblentz, Patch, Duffy & Bass, LLP
Barry Reder; 415 772 5708;

Larrabee & Associates
Fausta M. Albi; 858.642.0420 x 305; Specializing in Immigration Law (L-1. H1-B, green cards, etc)




Price Waterhouse Coopers
Fred Eisenhart; 415.498.7446;

Ernst & Young
Audit: Donald G. Parkin; 925.977.2900;
Admin/Mkt: D. Bradford Weisert; 650.496.1600;
Tax: Michael V. Stern; 650.496.1600;




Press Release Distribution

Internet Wire
Greg Flynn; 800 774-9473 ext 139;


Red Herring
Pete Henig; 415.279.5083;
John Mecklenburg; 415.659.2888;
Jason Pontin; Managing Editor; 415.865.2277 x253;
Mark Gartland; 415.486.2921;
Danielle Unis; 415.486.2897;
Georgie Raik-Allen;
Tom Stein; 415.486.2805;
Paul Kapustka; 415.486.2843;
Vanessa Richardson; 415.486.2967;
Steve Silverman; 415.486.2922;

"Catch of the Day"
Highlights one or more startups daily. Pitch your company to
Rafe Needleman;

Technologic Partners
John W. "Jack" Wilson; 415.675.7111;
John Verity; 415.675.7111;

The Daily Deal
Jeffrey Kanige; 212.313.9301;

Internet Industry Overall

Interactive Week
Kimberly Weisul; 212.503.4864;


Cnet News
John Borland; 415.344.2055
John covers startups and VC

Henry Goldblatt; 212.522.2296;
Melanie Warner; 650.617.9598;

Mary Beth Grover; 212.620.2435;
Rich Karlgaard; 650.685.6566 x211;
Om Malik; 212.367.4105;
Stephen Johnson; 212.367.4125;

Send press kits to:
Peter McGrath, Editor of New Media
251 W. 57 St. New York, NY 10019
No phone calls please

Anita Hamilton; 212.522.6817

US News & World Report
Marcie MacDonald

Business Week
Stefani Eads; 212.512.3988;
Echo Garrett; 770.977.7509
Meg Lundstrom; 914.246.2404
Andy Reinhardt; 415.513.6811;

Emily Barker, 212.326.2623;
Chris Caggiano; 617.248.8455;
D.M. Osborne; 323.874.6485;

Success Magazine
Anderson Duncan; 212.551.9475
Kristen Texeira; 415.986.7762;

Working Woman
Rana Dogar; 212.445.6123
Mary Jane Fahey; 212.989.966

John Heilemann;

Harvard Business Review
David Light; 617.783.7547;


Wall Street Journal
Lisa Bransten; 415.765.6109;
Ann Grimes; 415.765.6143;
Don Clark;
George Anders;
Bart Ziegler; 212.416.4465;

New York Times
David Leonhardt; 212.556.1046

San Francisco Chronicle
Peter Sinton; 415.777.7087;

San Jose Mercury News
Matt Marshall;408.920.5920;
Dan Gillmor; 408.920.5432;
Scott Herhold; 408.920.5877;
Bruce Koon; Managing Editor Mercury Center; 408.920.5538;
Jeordan Legon; 408.920.5432;
Miranda Yul; 408.920.5028;

USA Today
Kevin Maney; 703.276.3489;
Geri Colman Tucker; 703.276.3716;

Washington Post
Ralph Terkowitz; 202.334.7196;

Freelance Writers

Jane Hodges ≠ (works for Industry Standard, etc.); 212.568.7105;
Sally Richards (Newsweek, etc.); 650.592.3444;
Karen Franse (Working Woman, etc.);803.283.8405;


Hari Sreenivasan; 415.395.7800;
Michelle Mahoney; 415.364.8291;

Cathy Brooks; 415.551.4562;
Patty Stanton; 415.551.4909;




Below are opportunities to pitch your company to the VC community. The process is to contact the appropriate person, pitch your company and secure a presentation slot at the conference. These slots fill up fast, so pitch your company 4 to 6 months in advance!

Red Herring
Late October - early November
Carlsbad, CA
The Four Seasons Aviara

Every January
Palm Springs, California
The Westin Mission Hills Resort

Technologic Partners
Network Outlook
Every March
San Francisco Airport Marriott
Steve Silverman,

Technology Outlook
Every December
San Francisco Airport Marriott
Robert Johnson;

All Conferences Coordinator: Robert Johnson;





Giga Information Group
Rob Enderle; 781.982.9500;
Elizabeth Herrell; 781.982.9500;
Joel Yaffee; 781.982.9500;

Networking/Internet/ Infrastructure

The HTRC Group
Greg Howard; 209.754.0100;

Giga Information Group
Stan Schatt; 781.982.9500;
Will Cappelli; 781.982.9500;
Philip Costa; 781.982.9500;
Joel Yaffe; 781.982.9500;

Aberdeen Group
Darcy Fowkes; 650-325-5100;
Tom Dwyer; 617.854.5265;

ASP's/Enterprise Enterprise Applications Consulting

Josh Greenbaum; 510.548.5290;

Aberdeen Group
Lew Hollerbach; 617.854.5241;
George Peabody; 617-723-7890;
David Alschuler; 617-723-7890;
Jack Maynard; 617-723-7890;
Karen Moser; 617-723-7890;


Giga Information Group
Andrew Bartels; 781.982.9500;
Martha Bennett; 781.982.9500;
Tom Harwick; 781.982.9500;

Aberdeen Group
David Alschuler; 617-723-7890;
Lara Abrams; 650-330-3113;


Giga Information Group
Elizabeth Barnett; 781.982.9500;
Mike Gilpin; 781.982.9500;


Aberdeen Group
Boston; 617.723.7890
Palo Alto; 650.325.5100

Dove Associates

Forrester Research, Inc.

Gartner Group

Giga Information Group
Erin Kinikin (Customer Relationship Management); 781.982.9500;
Adrian Bowles, 203.723.7890;

International Data Corp

Jupiter Communications

Patricia Seybold Group
CEO : Patricia Seybold
Senior Consultants : Sue Aldrich, Richard Atwood, Geoffrey Bock, Wayne Eckerson, Martha Frey, Michael Goulde, Lynne Harvey, David Keller, Mitch Kramer, John Mann,David Marshak, Ronni Marshak, Charles Rider, and Anne Thomas
Vernon Keenan; 415.420.2965;




MIT Handbook for Investors

Frost & Sullivan R & D Checklist

Invention City
Everything you need, to help you protect, develop, and market your invention

Lowe Foundation
Small Business Information