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Departmental Reporting

Keep everyone focused on results, help foster accountability, and last but not least, help the CEO and company department heads clearly report to your board of directors.

I've found 1-2 pages per department for the board pack.

For each department:

  • goals achieved last month
  • goals not achieved last month and why
  • goals to be achieved this month

AND.....for specific depts:

Sales/Business Development:

  • deals closed and high level terms of each deal
  • spec for ideal customer/partner in each customer/partnership category
  • strategy

Customer Service:

  • # of inquiries responded to for the month
  • % breakdown of customers vs. prospects
  • average time to resolution on each customer inquiry
  • % of customers who have contacted customer service repeatedly and how often
  • plans for self serve (e.g. service soft) and/or live online (e.g. liveperson) customer service


  • technology used, integration issues, expertise needed
  • scalability, robustness, extensibility proof
  • testing approach, hosting/colocation approach and vendor
  • release schedule and key features per release


  • customer acquisition, retention, optimization (upselling) strategies
  • key mailings, conferences, trade shows, press coverage recent past and upcoming
  • product management issues, if any
  • web site revs upcoming and high level details
    * separating marcom from product mgmt issues helps a great deal, as one is often struggling at a given time!


  • options to be approved for issuance
  • head count (perm and temp) today and projected for quarter
  • burn rate today and ramping over next 3 quarters
  • any employee benefits issues
  • attach Balance Sheet, P & L, Statement of Cash Flows

Waterfall Chart Template


Department Reports:

Sales & Business Development
Customer Service